We just received these in office early May. I was excited to try it out as I work long hours at a desk. They come in 5 sizes and are very comfortable. Working at a computer all day it is easy to forget your posture and the forward slumping position soon follows by tension and pain in the shoulder blades, upper back and neck. I found an immediate result with the assist to sit in the appropriate position which gave relief to the muscles I had been straining. It was very simple to use as you just slip it on to your shoulders.

After wearing it for the rest of the day at work I decided I would try it out in the gym. I was surprised at how it allowed me to be more efficient in my work out routine. I usually struggle to hyper extend over my head as I have broken my collar bone 3 times and I was able to achieve these exercises without the pinching and straining sensation I usually have.

If you are interested in picking one up we have them available at the front desk. Please make sure to ask if we are out of your size so we can add your size to the next order