December News 2018 ~ Fibromyalgia

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We just received these in office early May. I was excited to try it out as I work long hours at a desk. They come in 5 sizes and are very comfortable. Working at a computer all day it is easy to forget your posture and the forward slumping position soon follows by tension and …  

Andrea Wilson, TCM/ Acupuncturist: SPRING

In Chinese Medicine, the season of Spring is represented by the element of wood and is commanded by the liver. The season of spring has the following elemental characteristics: Cleansing Clarity of vision/Goals Direction Purpose Harmony After resting all winter, the energy of wood bursts forth in the process of renewal. This is the time …  

May 2018 Monthly News

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April 2018 Monthly News

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Published article on the muscular system

I received an email from David who works for Pacific Medical Training. He has published an article on the muscular system by one of their staff writers, Sarah Gherke, and after looking at our website for RISE BC Wellness Centre he noticed that our readers may benefit from it. If you are interested click on …