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Pain Clinic

What is a pain clinic?

A pain clinic is a healthcare facility that focuses on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Some specialize in specific diagnoses or in pain related to a particular region of the body. Also called pain-management clinics, pain clinics often use a multidisciplinary approach to help people take an active role in managing their pain and regaining control of their life. These programs are focused on the total person, not just the pain.

Our mission

We will offer a highly functional approach to pain management that will allow us to:

  • work with our patients to help improve their quality of life by providing a caring, compassionate, comforting and validating atmosphere;
  • create a body of information based on our patient population that can be used to improve quality of care, to educate, to inspire clinical research, and to ensure continued support from our stakeholders;
  • develop an effective and productive clinical research unit;
  • educate present/future healthcare providers, patients and the public in the understanding and management of pain;
  • develop clinical and academic foci of excellence within the field of pain management;
  • make pain management a significant and integral part of the fabric of the hospital; and
  • be recognized as a leader in pain management locally, nationally and internationally.

Our success will be measured by members’ personal growth and the growth of our team as well as by the quality of our care, research, and educational programs, and the respect we receive from patients, colleagues, students and other stakeholders.

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