Ball Rolling

Ball Rolling For Chronic Pain

These videos are an introduction to myofascial rolling techniques, which are a powerful self massage tool for myofascial pain and trigger points, more commonly known as knots in your muscles.

These techniques should be used with the direction of a healthcare professional if there is any concern about underlying conditions including but not limited to: broken bones, serious risk of bruising or risk of infection. Some discomfort with ball rolling is normal, but if you feel severe or prolonged pain, stop the exercise and consult your healthcare professional. Modifications can be made if positioning is uncomfortable or mobility is limited. These techniques can be used as often as needed. Regular, frequent use is recommended for optimal results: for example a 5 mins routine twice a day (morning and evening).

#1 Ball Rolling For Neck Pain


#2 Ball Rolling For Jaw Pain


#3 Ball Rolling For The Pectoral Muscles


#4 Ball Rolling For The Shoulder Muscles


#5 Ball Rolling For Forearm & Elbow Pain