October News at Rise

October 2018 News

Our TEAM is growing!

We would like to welcome Natacha Perez – registered holistic nutritionist

Natacha is a registered holistic nutritionist and a passionate self-taught chef. After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary, she designed natural, wholesome foods for an organic grocery store in New Zealand, ran nutritional counselling practices in both Winnipeg and Calgary and worked as a holistic chef for Mountain Waters Retreat in Nelson, BC.
Natacha’s diverse background and unique approach to food therapy allows her to help you make realistic and attainable goals that will improve your relationship with food and the process of making lifestyle changes. Holistic nutrition strengthens the digestive and immune systems, helps manage stress, and improves the functioning of the entire body. By taking a holistic approach, Natacha will help you balance mind and body so you can live a happier, healthier life.
Natacha’s services include nutritional consultations, cooking classes, home visits, grocery store tours, and more. Discounted initial consultations may be available; inquire at the RISE BC front desk for details.

Nutritional Counselling Services
Initial Assessment (90 minutes) $90
Follow-up Sessions (60 minutes) $60


Did you know that Rise BC Wellness Centre is on youtube? So you can keep up with the latest videos!

If you have pain in your pectoral muscles try ball rolling following the technique demonstrated here by Dr. Joel Kailia and Kinesiologist Anna Topf of Rise BC Wellness Centre. You can also call our office to book an appointment with Anna to start working on your own personalized exercise plan. Pectoral Ball Rolling Technique


Medicine tips on how to prevent illness in cold and flu season

In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) the human body is viewed as a microcosm of the natural world around us. Since we are inextricably linked, living in harmony with the changing seasons is critical for maintaining good health and preventing illness.

How can you live in harmony with the fall season, and protect against cold & flu season? Read on!

  1. Eat warmer foods

Foods are classified as hot, warm, neutral, cool or cold according to their nature in TCM. Cooling foods like salads and raw veggies may be acceptable for some in the summer, however, in the fall they are too cooling, and may weaken digestive fire. Think delicious soups, stews and slow cooker meals made with the abundance of squash, yams, carrots and beets available this season. By cooking your veggies and adding ginger, onion and garlic you will warm yourself up, from the inside out!


  1. Remember your scarf

In TCM, we consider Fall the season of the lungs. They are our most superficial organ system and include the skin, respiratory system, and the immune system. The lungs act as our first line of defence against invasion from external pathogens that make us sick. As the weather becomes colder and the winds pick up our lungs are more vulnerable than usual. Therefore covering up your neck and chest with a scarf is a simple (and cozy) preventative measure to protect against cold and flu season.


  1. Take care of your Lungs (and indirectly your immune system)

The lungs form the first line of defence against invading pathogens. To nourish your lungs, breathe deeply. This can improve memory, energy levels and the immune system. With each breath, trillions of cells are being washed with oxygen vital to all bodily functions. So get outside and go for a walk (with your scarf!) in the crisp, clear autumn air, and fill your lungs with deep, nourishing breaths.

  1. Slow down & nourish (get more sleep!)

Summer was expansive and active, social and outward, hot and smoky. With the days getting cooler and shorter, naturally, our internal cycles are slowing down. In nature, we can observe that things are more quiet, slow and inward. The same cycle is happening in our bodies. Going to bed earlier is in tune with the season and will nourish your deeper stores of energy in preparation for the approaching winter. As the plants turn their energy downward from their leaves into their roots, so too should we start focusing on our roots.

  1. Practice letting go (Breath!)

Our lungs help us to let go (physically, emotionally, energetically). Strengthening your lungs will reinforce your ability to let go of things that no longer serve you. Just as leaves fall from their branches, so too can your attachments, making room for regrowth and regeneration. In TCM, the emotions associated with lungs are sadness and grief. You may notice feeling more melancholic at this time of year. When the lungs are out of balance there can be an inability to cope with loss or adapt to change. If your lung Qi is depleted, you may have a difficult time resolving grief. However, if the grieving process is fully expressed and resolved it can be a cathartic tool that supports your body, mind and spirit. Please note that prolonged grief can lead to injury of the lung system, depression and other issues. Seek help if you can’t get over the hump on your own.

May you live in harmony and health!


Andrea Wilson, R.TCM.P., R.Ac.

Only three more months left to use your health care benefits for 2018! Extended Health Care (EHC) benefits provide reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by plan members. Most insurance companies run on a calendar year schedule (Jan-Dec), meaning your unused benefits for the 2018 year do not carry over to the next. Everyone’s Extended Health Care plans are slightly different but Massage Therapy provided by an RMT is a commonly covered health care service in British Columbia. If you are unsure what massage treatments your EHC will cover for yourself or your partner, a simple phone call to your benefit provider should inform you on: how much money in total you have for massage treatments, any restrictions on appointment length, if only a percentage of each treatment is covered while you pay the remaining balance, if you need to obtain a doctor’s note before your massage treatment and if your benefits run on a calendar year (and will run out at the end of Dec). At RISE we can direct bill to the following insurance companies on your behalf so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for your treatment:

-Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan


-Cowan Insurance Group

-Desjardins Insurance

-First Canadian

-Great-West Life Assurance Company



-Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

-Johnson Inc.


-Manulife Financial

-Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group

-Sun Life Financial

-Great Shield Canada

-SSQ Financial Group

-Pacific Blue Cross

-Medavie Blue Cross

*Please be sure to bring your EHC information with you to your Massage or TCM appointment so the front desk staff can direct bill on your behalf.

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As we settle into fall we need to find ways to keep moving! Come join us on Wednesday for yoga.

If you are interested in hosting a class or know someone that needs a studio space to rent for their programs we have the perfect space. Share our link so they can find out more. The Hub Studio


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