How does yoga benefit someone with chronic pain?

Firstly, yoga for chronic pain is very restorative. There are no difficult moves or postures requiring a lot of flexibility. We may call it “gentle movement & stretching” rather than yoga.

This practice of mindful awareness of the body, while gentle moving & stretching can lubricate the joints, stretching the fascia, helps sore muscle, & trains the brain to send fewer pain signals. As well, when we move gently, within our range of motion & notice that movement does not damage our bodies, we re-frame the feelings of pain.

Instead of seeing the feelings of pain as a signal & an indication we should stop everything we are doing & rest, we learn to feel the pain as a part of our experience. We notice that we can still engage in social & health activities & may even be able to return to work if we have stopped.

People who have joined us for yoga for chronic pain classes & workshops report better sleep, less anxiety about their pain, more enjoyment of the fewer pain moments, as well as increased comfort in moving within their range of motion.

Current class are being held at Rise Wednesdays from 1:00- 2:15