Exercise therapy

Exercise Therapy

What is exercise therapy?

Exercise therapy, done under the careful guidance of a kinesiologist, is a proactive therapy with a long-term approach. Patients are educated, motivated and instructed in small groups of either two or four people with similar needs. They explore safe ways of exercising precise muscle groups. The result is improved spine stabilization and posture; stronger, healthier muscles; and better body awareness.

Excercise therapy


What can patients do to continue the healing process at home?

As part of the exercise rehabilitation program, we develop individual exercise programs for patients to do at home. We also teach ways of caring for the muscles surrounding painful areas. Muscles which have been injured, overused, underused or affected by a structural problem within the body develop trigger points. These points are essentially knots (areas within the muscle in a constant state of contraction) which prevent the muscle from contracting and relaxing properly. They can be extremely painful and can pull on bone thereby creating a state of misalignment in the body. These trigger points can be worked on at home with simple tools such as tennis balls, and our kinesiologist will help identify which muscles are in need of care and show ways of relieving them.

What is our goal?

Our aim is to help you become more active and to empower you to play an active role in the pain management and recovery process.

What is the frequency and duration of each session?

Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes, once or twice per week, depending on your fitness level and availability.